It is also known as Neck Stiffness or tightness which happens due to a Stiff Neck and in medical terms it is known as Meningism. It happens due to the Photophobia when we are short of bright light. Headache also happens due to this problem. We can feel the irritation of meningitis and various other diseases like hemorrhages can happen. We use the term Meningismus when we have the symptoms which I have mentioned here. Usually this disease happens with some other acute illness.


1.  Sprain  and  Strain

The Sprain and Strain happen due to stretched torn ligament. Ligaments are known as tissues which are meant for, connecting bones in a joint. When we get a hit or when we fall, we will have Sprain. Sprains happen at the Ankle and at wrist. The main symptoms are pain and swelling. We won’t be able to move our joint from one place. When we get an injury, we will be feeling a tear or pop.

Strain happens due to muscle torn and tendon. Tendons are known as tissues which connects the muscle to bone. When the tissues twist or when these tissues pull, we will feel Strain. Sometimes it can happen immediately or by time. Hamstring muscle and back are common problems of strain. Strain can happen when we play sports. The symptoms which are found are pain and muscle spasms. Other symptoms such as swelling can happen.

2.  Spinal  Narrowing

Also known as Spinal Stenos is which is the narrowing of the spinal canal which happens at any areas of the Spine. It causes a restriction at spinal canal. Due to this a neurological problem can happen. It can happen at any of our body parts. Spinal canal is shortened in the vertebral canal which is an intermediate between vertebrae and spinal cord, where the nerve roots moves through. Lumbar and cervical stenosis are the major one which is found in people. The main symptoms are pain and numbness. Other symptoms are motor control loss and parenthesis.

3.Neck Contracture:
It is also known as Torricelli’s, which happens due to fault position to Neck position. It happens due to Loxia or wry neck. It is derived from word Tortes which means twisted or collum. The main symptoms are neck pain and Shoulder pain.

4. Head Cold:
It is also known as Acute Rhinitis or common cold, which happens due to the viral disease in the upper respiratory like nose. The main symptoms are coughing and runny nose. Sneezing and fever are the other symptoms of this disease. The symptoms can last for 3 weeks.

5. Degenerative Joint Disease:
It is also known as Osteoarthritis or Hypertrophic Arthritis which happens due to the joint degradation in the articular cartilage or in the subchondral bone. The main symptoms are stiffness and locking. Other symptoms are joint pain and stiffness. A Variety of problems can happen due to loss of cartilage. When the cartilage is not protected properly, then the surface of bone can be damaged. The muscles can feel atrophy and the ligaments can be lax.

6. Disk Degeneration:
It is also known as Degenerative disc or Intervertebral disc of the spine which is disc disorder. This condition can become more painful and can affect our lives more severely. Disc disorder is the common problem of aging and for some people this is not a major problem. When the disc is not in the proper place, then chronic pain can happen and it is not easy to get out of this problem. The main symptoms are Back pain and Hip Pain. Other Symptoms are Neck pain and Joint Pain.


1. Migraine:
It is also known as Headache or Head Pain which happens in any part of the neck or in the head. The tissue of the brain may not be sensitive to any pains. It may happen due to disturbance in the sensitive part around the brain. The main symptoms are migraine and head injury. Other symptoms are Bruise and Acute Sinusitis.

2. Lightheadedness:
It is also known as Dizziness or sensation of falling which happens due to spatial perception. We will feel like falling or losing our balance. The main symptoms are blood pressure becomes high and Hypovolemia. Other Symptoms are Anxiety and stroke.

3. Tinnitus:
It is also known as Ringing in the ear, which happens when we feel that no sound is present. We have the tendency to feel like a sound ringing in our ears. The main symptoms are otitis media and chronic sinusitis.

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1. Amrix:
It is also known as Cyclobenxaprine which is used to relax our skeletal muscle. This drug is used in this problem and it is also used for the treatment of fibromyalgia. The cost of the drug is 12 dollars. The drug is prescribed for sprain and strain problems and also back pain.

2. Stadol:
It is also known as Butorphanol which is synthetic opioid which is developed by the Bristol company. Later this drug was discontinued from the company manufacturer. This drug can be injectable or can be used as the tablet. The cost of the drug is 80 dollars. This drug is prescribed for the problems of migration and headache tension.

3. Declomycin:
It is also known as Demeclocycline which is used as the antibiotic and it is applied to the problems in strain. The cost of the drug is 540 dollars and this medicine is prescribed for rabies and lead poisoning.

4. Vantin:
It is also known as Cefpodoxime which is used as antibiotic for treating sinusitis and Pharyngitis. The cost of the drug is 62 dollars. This drug is applied for pneumonia and urinary infection.

5. Lincocin:
It is also known as Lincomycin which is used as an antibiotic and the drug is manufactured from Actinomyces. It is re-modified by using Thionyil chloride. The drug is available under name Lincobect. The cost of the drug is 54 dollars. This drug is used for the problems in Sore throat and Chronic Sinusitis. It is also used in facial pain and congestion of nasal parts.